Chat with a Thai hooker!

BrownHung: hi
BrownHung: are you from Thailand?
Thaigirl19: Hi yes
BrownHung: Cool
BrownHung: I loved Thailand when I visited it
BrownHung: are you into incest?
Thaigirl19: Cool ok
Thaigirl19: Hm no
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: then what you do?
Thaigirl19: You visit here some?
BrownHung: Yup in 2015
BrownHung: Bangkok and Pattaya
Thaigirl19: Cool ok you like
Thaigirl19: I live in pattaya too
BrownHung: yup
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: what you do?
Thaigirl19: Work in agogo
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: Do you like it?
Thaigirl19: Where you from?
BrownHung: Thai girls are amazing
Thaigirl19: Yes I like
BrownHung: I am from USA
BrownHung: Do you just dance or sex as well?
Thaigirl19: Yes both
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: How old you?
BrownHung: I am 33
Thaigirl19: Ok
BrownHung: what about you?
Thaigirl19: 20 soon 😊
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: for how long you are a gogo?
Thaigirl19: 2 year
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you like going with American men?
Thaigirl19: Yes 😊
Thaigirl19: I have boyfriend Germany
BrownHung: nice ok
BrownHung: he doesn’t mid you fucking other guys?
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you guys live together?
Thaigirl19: Yes in apartment here. But he go home a while sometimes too
Thaigirl19: And then stay here with me
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you like being a gogo or its a burden?
Thaigirl19: I like it
BrownHung: what you like the most?
Thaigirl19: Don’t know I like dancing
Thaigirl19: And nice friends there
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you get sex everyday?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: how much you charge?
Thaigirl19: Me and the friends here
Thaigirl19: 1500 baht
BrownHung: nice you all look cute
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: that for sex?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok so how many clients you get per day on average?
Thaigirl19: 2-3 usually
BrownHung: and your family don’t mind you working as a gogo?
Thaigirl19: Just mom know she thinks it’s fine
Thaigirl19: I make money
BrownHung: ok yeah
Thaigirl19: And have find boyfriend too
BrownHung: good
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: and do you always have sex with condoms with clients?
Thaigirl19: No not always
BrownHung: do they pay extra then?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: how much more?
Thaigirl19: 1000
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: so for how long do you think you will do this?
Thaigirl19: I don’t know
BrownHung: do you act in sex movies also?
BrownHung: I have seen some thai sex movies
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you allow clients to take nude pics of you?
Thaigirl19: Yes sometimes
BrownHung: do all the girls working in sex industry in pattaya 18 above or I can get minors also if I want?
Thaigirl19: Not so many I think
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you study also?
Thaigirl19: Just some 16 or maybe 15 I have meet not many
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you book yourself for more than one day to your clients?
Thaigirl19: Yes sometimes they want to take me out a few days
BrownHung: yeah where usually?
BrownHung: and how much you charge for that?
Thaigirl19: To nice place by beach or something stay in hotel
Thaigirl19: 3000 for day
BrownHung: not bad
BrownHung: do you do group sex parties also?
Thaigirl19: Not much I have been with some few times
Thaigirl19: Indian men wanted me come to party with them in hotel room
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you go then?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: so is it like gangbang or they fuck you one by one?
Thaigirl19: Take turns
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you mostly get old men?
Thaigirl19: Yes most
BrownHung: whats the oldest you have been with?
Thaigirl19: Like about 60 hehe
BrownHung: haha do they even get a bonner?
Thaigirl19: Yes very hehe
BrownHung: Thailand has so many prostitutes is it very well accepted in the society?
BrownHung: Does families allow their girls to do this?
Thaigirl19: Yes it’s ok most
BrownHung: So many of these girls get married later and have kids and all?
Thaigirl19: Yes 😊
BrownHung: Do you keep a count of men you have been with?
Thaigirl19: Meet man there at work that like them hehe
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: So many end up marrying older guys?
Thaigirl19: Yes
Thaigirl19: It’s ok
BrownHung: you are very pretty
Thaigirl19: Have money enough for them 😊
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: I would love to please you someday
BrownHung: is 1500 standard rate or some girls charge more?
Thaigirl19: Usually in agogo yes
Thaigirl19: Some a bit more sometimes
BrownHung: do you want to marry your boyfriend in future?
Thaigirl19: Think so
BrownHung: very pretty nice cleavage
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: I am hard right now
Thaigirl19: Hehe ok
BrownHung: whats the oldest age of girls there in this work
Thaigirl19: 30-35
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you massage also?
Thaigirl19: No
Thaigirl19: Just in agogo dance
BrownHung: what is the weirdest demand you have ever received from a client?
Thaigirl19: Hm not any I think
BrownHung: like they cum on your face?
Thaigirl19: Just go with all the indian guys I was little shy
Thaigirl19: Yes few times
BrownHung: and they cum inside you?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: do you take pills regularly?
Thaigirl19: Yes I have take them now
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you ever get peed on?
Thaigirl19: I didn’t have before
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you do anal sex also?
Thaigirl19: No don’t like
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: If you find a better guy than your bf will you leave him?
Thaigirl19: Hm no don’t know
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: what if you get a rich old guy
Thaigirl19: He is enough rich for me hehe
BrownHung: nice
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: whats the longest you got fucked?
Thaigirl19: Hm couple hours
BrownHung: jut by one guy?
Thaigirl19: No was with the many take turns
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: how many?
Thaigirl19: 4
BrownHung: k
BrownHung: who is the kid in the pic?
Thaigirl19: It’s mine 😊 girl
BrownHung: aww nice
BrownHung: how old is she?
Thaigirl19: Just over 1
BrownHung: hmm is she with your bf?
Thaigirl19: I don’t think so not sure
BrownHung: not sure who is the father?
Thaigirl19: No 😊
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: I think from work I get her
Thaigirl19: Didn’t use pills before that time
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: does your family know about her>
BrownHung: ?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: I like your pictures
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: was thinking to see some sexy ones
BrownHung: do you have a sexy pic of yours?
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: you have big boobs
Thaigirl19: Yes hehe thanks
BrownHung: does you clients only fuck you or they spend time in foreplay as well
Thaigirl19: Both
Thaigirl19: Mostly just fuck me
BrownHung: hmm I would love to just lick your boobs for a while 🙂
Thaigirl19: Hehe ok
BrownHung: Yeah definitely
BrownHung: what is the quickest someone finished?
Thaigirl19: Oh quick just a couple pushes after he get in
BrownHung: do you give them another chance or just one
Thaigirl19: Give another yes sure
BrownHung: does this 1500 goes to you or you have to pay to your office or pimp?
* Thaigirl19 has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
Thaigirl19: Hi again
BrownHung: hi
BrownHung: I asked does this 1500 goes to you or you also have to pay to your office or pimp?
Thaigirl19: It’s to me
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: They have to pay 700 extra to agogo bar
Thaigirl19: To take the prostitutes with them out or use room upstairs
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: many Thai girls work as prostitutes what does men do?
Thaigirl19: Different things all work
Thaigirl19: Drive car taxi hotel and stuff
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: Was prostitute there for a long time or it has become more recently?
Thaigirl19: Long yes
BrownHung: how come
Thaigirl19: I don’t know
Thaigirl19: Tourists want to have sex with the girls and the girls need money want to work 😊
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do girls know from young age that they may have to work as prostitutes?
BrownHung: when did you have sex for the first time?
Thaigirl19: Hm no
Thaigirl19: I don’t do young I was 16
BrownHung: when did you decide to prostitute?
Thaigirl19: I decided after that I think. Wanted work and I go with a friend she showed me agogo I start when I’m 17
BrownHung: did you go to school?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: but not college?
Thaigirl19: No
Thaigirl19: Finished when I get 18
BrownHung: so you started prostituting at 17 is there not legal age in Thailand?
Thaigirl19: Just work then
Thaigirl19: I don’t know 15 or 16
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: most of the places its 18
Thaigirl19: Ok
BrownHung: do you like the dancing part more or sex?
Thaigirl19: I like both hehe
BrownHung: but i guess sex pays you more?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: you have seen all kinds of cocks. Any preferences?
Thaigirl19: Like all but not too big can hurt then
Thaigirl19: It’s tight there
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: did anyone cum inside your mouth?
Thaigirl19: Yes many
BrownHung: do you swallow cum?
Thaigirl19: Hm a little yes
BrownHung: do you charge extra do guys you want to cum in your mouth?
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: ok you are a good girl
BrownHung: you like giving blow jobs?
Thaigirl19: Yes I like it 😊
BrownHung: do you always give blowjobs when you fuck?
Thaigirl19: Yes if they want
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: whats the maximum no of times you got fucked in one day?
Thaigirl19: Oh hm about 11 I think
BrownHung: wow thats a lot
BrownHung: your pussy must be swollen
Thaigirl19: Yes little tired 😊
Thaigirl19: And many want to cum in my pussy
BrownHung: but during those days do you feel happy that you got so many cilents?
BrownHung: I am sure they want to
Thaigirl19: Yes very happy then
Thaigirl19: When I start I don’t have pills
Thaigirl19: And many customers each day then too
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: so for you sex is just a work or do you enjoy it as well
Thaigirl19: Yes I think it’s fun and good I enjoy
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: do you help other new girls to join prostitution?
Thaigirl19: I got my daughters in me not so long after I started I think. Not sure when and many customers so don’t know where she come from
Thaigirl19: No haven’t any
BrownHung: is anyone else in your family a postitute?
Thaigirl19: No just me
BrownHung: do you have any sister that you want to join?
Thaigirl19: Yes maybe my sister can be. Join me work later
BrownHung: how old is she?
Thaigirl19: 14
BrownHung: ok she is young then
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: your first sex was with your bf?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: it was nice chatting with you. Got to go now
BrownHung: bye take care
Thaigirl19: Ok
Thaigirl19: See you then
Thaigirl19: Bye
BrownHung: bye


Chat on an incest channel! [18+]

IRC Network: Undernet; Channel: dad&daughtersex

BrownHung is me

BrownHung: hii
BrownHung: so you like gang bangs?
GangbangSlut: yes i do
BrownHung: with how many?
GangbangSlut: i stopped counting. a few every year
BrownHung: what I meant with how many guys?
BrownHung: usually?
GangbangSlut: 4-9
BrownHung: wow 9 is some number
BrownHung: do you enjoy DPs?
GangbangSlut: yes i do
BrownHung: where are you from?
GangbangSlut: NJ
BrownHung: ok I am from MO
BrownHung: Are you into incest as well?
GangbangSlut: yes
BrownHung: dad, bother .. ?
GangbangSlut: dad
BrownHung: For many years now?
GangbangSlut: 4
BrownHung: At what age did you start with him? Was it forced or you agreed to it?
* GangbangSlut agreed
BrownHung: ok how old are you now?
GangbangSlut: 21
BrownHung: What made you to get involved with you dad?
GangbangSlut: he and mom divorced. mom was super strict but when i visited dad he’d let me drink and swear and id tell him about all the stuff i was hiding from mom.
GangbangSlut: sometimes we’d get stoned and rub and stroke
BrownHung: ok
GangbangSlut: then one day we were really stoned and his gf was there. she and i made out a bit. then he went down on her.
BrownHung: So you saw them fucking?
GangbangSlut: yup
BrownHung: Did that motivated you to fuck your dad?
GangbangSlut: then he went down on me
BrownHung: ok
GangbangSlut: i came so hard… it was like a dream
BrownHung: Does it ever affected you psychologically that you are fucking your dad or was it always fun for you?
GangbangSlut: always fun
BrownHung: good for you
BrownHung: do you fancy anyone else in your family as well?
BrownHung: How do you like your gang bangs to be carried out?
GangbangSlut: i like them at swinger parties where eveyone there knows why they are there
BrownHung: so are there many swinger parties in NJ?
BrownHung: do you find young men? or mostly oldies?
GangbangSlut: both
BrownHung: I am also thinking to join one. I have spotted a place in St. Louis that do a swinger get together every fourth saturday of the month.
BrownHung: But its usually difficult for single men to join such parties either they are not allowed or expensive.
BrownHung: What type of cock is best for you?
GangbangSlut: thick but short
BrownHung: aha
BrownHung: hows your dad’s?
GangbangSlut: 7″
BrownHung: how often do you guys fuck?
BrownHung: Are you into oral sex as well?
GangbangSlut: yes
BrownHung: pee and golden shower?
GangbangSlut: (gtg… hope to continue next time i see ya! ❤ <3)
BrownHung: sure


Continuing my research on incestuous behavior among people around the world. I have come to the conclusion that it is more common in almost every strata of society as people might think. Incestuous relationships exists between parents and children both real and step parents/children as well as among siblings and cousins. In many countries and religions sexual relationship/marriage is permissible among cousins but I would still consider it to be incestuous if it is in between first cousins.

For past many months I have been chatting on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in various channels (chat rooms) that allow chats related to incest for example channels like dad&daughtersex and familysex that are available in Undernet and Dalnet networks. I am not sure how much truth is there in what I am told by people about their sexual relationship with their family members, but a common theme that has emerged from all my chats was that such relationships starts at a very early age of the victim (usually young girls). Many would think that young girls are forced into this by their father or elder bother, but in contrast many girls happily started it, thinking that it pleases their father or brother and that they deserve it. Interestingly, I didn’t find any girl who said that she is regretting or has regretted for what she has done, but rather they are in peace with this reality and moving smoothly in their lives.

Going a step further from incest, I have also come across few girls who not only went through sexual relationship with their father but also have been pimped to their uncles and father’s friends. Some of such stories I guess are part of role playing and yes there are many girls out there who have really weird imaginations and fantasies. I guess it’s the same with boys, but since boys do not like to talk about heir fantasies as much as they think about them, it is more likely to find girls chatting about their vivid imaginations. Majority of incestuous relationships I found in eastern European and American culture. Pimping has almost always been reported by European girls.

In short if anything weird that you might imagine today then trust me that has already been committed by somebody in the world. And there are people who have not only broken all the boundaries of human relationships but have also happily embraced it as part of their lifestyle.

Taking a Step Back

Busy in life, running the rat race and struggling to resolve complexities. That has become a routine for many of us in the modern era. We strive everyday to overcome our hurdles by the principles of hard work and time management. We often forget that while working on the floor we can not see the overall picture of the canvas that we are drawing. In something as complex and vast as our lives we need a helicopter view of what our lives are turning into. And those are the moments when we realise that the path we are on is probably wrong or we could do something differently to achieve our goals. Accessing matters from a distance can highlight mistakes, bring new insights and can give us long sightedness. Therefore, in my opinion for us to live a contented and meaningful life it is important for us to routinely take a step back from our modus operandi and meditate on finding the threads to connect the loose ends that are lost in everyday chaos.

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Are we really free?

I wish all the fellow Indians a very happy 70th Independence Day. Indeed it is a matter of pride for every Indian to celebrate the day for which many people sacrificed their lives or lived under atrocities of their foreign masters. Freedom is a gift given to the present generation for which we should ever be thankful. We have come a long way since the day we gained our freedom and has taken many independent decisions towards the development of our country. However, I still like to question sometimes that are we really free?

Even after 70 years of Independence are we free enough to question our government or a national party without being harassed in one of other way, to press freely without being bought by a political party, to follow and express our religious faith, to eat whatever we like without offending or told by people of other faith and to demand execution of government proceedings without bribery. A bigger question of all would be does this definition of freedom also includes people from lower economic background and women. Women are probably deprived of most of the rights that men enjoy freely in all strata of life. Looking from a womens perspectives in India, it probably doesn’t make any difference if she is under a foreign rule or not since she is in slavery of her family or domestic masters even after her country has gained independence.

Celebrating Independence day should not just be feeling proud upon the fact that our leaders made the foreigners run away but also to ponder over the salient issues of injustice, inequality, religious bigotry, poverty and growing corruption in the government offices. We could only be truly free if we consider ourselves not just to be free physically but also mentally. Our thinking needs to change and it is only by the change in our thinking that we would ever be able to gain our true freedom.

My country is getting sicker day by day!

I have been chauffeuring my mother and two of her colleagues from and to her work today and caught in between of women’s chit chat on several occasions. Among all the womanly gibberish there were some concerning and interesting elements that caught my attention. Most concerning was that many hospitals both private and public have sprung in our city and none of them seem to be empty due to lack of sick people. On the other hand most of them are over crowded and sometimes patients are on the waiting list to be seen. For a country like India it is a good thing that we have an increasing number of hospitals to take care of our people, but it is also a matter of great concern that so many people are still getting ill inspite of all the advancement in health care and clean India movement run by the government.

Some of the reasons that I could think of concerning the health of the Indian people are lack of awareness about health and hygiene, food adulteration, increasing mental stress to cope up with the lifestyle of a growing economy and lack of physical exercise. Of these I think the most concerning are food adulteration and lack of awareness about the hygiene.

I have traveled many places in India and I have never seen a clean public toilet that is maintained by the government. In many places including my city even the private malls do not have clean toilets. Sometimes it feels like that our benchmark for a clean toilet is so low that no matter how much of cleaning is done it is still dirtier as compared to toilets anywhere else in the developed world. Government of India has launched Swach Bharat abhiyan to promote use of toilets and hygiene in the country. However, a turn around change would only be possible when common people understand the importance of hygiene in the context of herd immunity. It doesn’t matter how strong your immunity is, if your neighborhood is weak in collective immunity, then you are more prone to falling ill as compared to the person whose own immunity is low, but lives in a stronger herd. We also have to improve our thinking regarding the importance of constructing good toilet setups at our home. In most of Indian homes toilets are the last place that people allocate the space for while designing their houses. In many homes it is not surprising to find toilets below the stair case or outside in the veranda under a shed or the smallest place possible in the house. To be honest it doesn’t matter how big or small is your toilet as far as it is clean, but it does show the temperament of the people towards hygiene.

We will be celebrating our 70th Independence day tomorrow and even after becoming 70 years old we are still teaching people the basics of health and hygiene. We still do not have any understanding of throwing rubbish in the bins or how to segregate rubbish into wet and dry waste. If you ever go to an old crowded parts of Indian cities you will find people throwing rubbish from their balconies on the street, thinking that their job is done and now it’s government’s problem.

To add up to growing waste management and hygiene issues the current government is all about putting cows on the alter. So many cows on the street littering wherever possible is another nuisance. Hindu people believe in the holiness of cows and therefore anything that comes out of a cow is either holy in itself or has therapeutic value, for example drinking cow piss can get rid of stomach related ailments or rubbing it on a wound or skin allergy can heal it. Many of the Ayurvedic medicines have cow piss as an active ingredient.

Indeed it is proud to think that we are advancing in medical sciences, but having more hospitals does not only shows our advancement but also shows the state of our health. Hence, the more number of hospitals in your city is directly proportional to the more number of sick people your city is generating. The underline cause of the illness is not the lack of medical facility but the lack of hygiene. And in the end we always need to think about our immunity as a fraction of the herd we are part of.


Reducing Friction in Life

With the overload of information in our society it’s becoming increasingly difficult to retain and process the information with our human capacity. The major victims of such a conundrum are the elderly. So many things to remember, medical history, bills, how to use new apps, politics, grocery lists, various appointments and several random stuff that we have generated in recent times. It is not very easy even for the young to remember everything they encounter with. This causes friction among people who are either expecting themselves to remember everything or dependent on someone else. Friction in life only adds stress, discomfort and bitterness.

For example recently my mother has been quarreling about my father’s medical history which he always forgets and is totally dependent on my mother to keep a track of it. India doesn’t have a centralized medical information system yet that keeps the track of one’s health and therefore it becomes the responsibility of the patient. A situation has risen that my father needs to see a specialist in two weeks’ time and my mother won’t be available for him then. He is fretting that he wouldn’t be able to explain the doctor about his medical history in my mother’s absence. The friction caused by such a situation lead to shouting and telling each other that they are not responsible or not enough concerned about others etc.

A simpler solution to such a problem could be just writing down everything in a diary or creating a summary that can be handed over to the new specialist. But many people I have encountered who do not want to accept this reality that they can’t remember everything or even if they do remember, sometimes it is difficult for them to explain information in a logical order. In my understanding many people fear to accept this fact is because they do not want to feel embarrassed or look down upon themselves on losing their ability to remember or coping up with the ever growing information overload. In my opinion human brain is not constructed to be a library but it is rather a processor that is meant to think and solve complex problems and not to remember trivial everyday details. Indeed, we do accumulate memories throughout our lives, but those memories should be the important ones and not about your next doctor appointment or grocery lists.

For such things we have readily available help. If someone doesn’t want to keep a hand written diary then it’s really easy to store information, make lists and setup reminders on a smart phone. I can understand that using a smart phone can be a challenge for an elderly but it is still far worse than forgetting important information and causing friction in their lives.

I am in my early 30s, highly qualified with a mental capacity to remember a lot of information, but even I find it much easier to accept the fact that I should spend more of my brain capacity in problem solving rather than remember trivial details and therefore, I use technology to do the donkey work for me. I use Evernote for storing information, Workflowy for making lists, Google calendar for setting up reminders and Dropbox for syncing my important files across my devices. I even have reminders setup for my favorite TV shows because to me it doesn’t matter whether I remember them by myself or I get a reminder from a machine as far as the purpose of watching my favorite TV show is met.