Chat with a Thai hooker!

BrownHung: hi
BrownHung: are you from Thailand?
Thaigirl19: Hi yes
BrownHung: Cool
BrownHung: I loved Thailand when I visited it
BrownHung: are you into incest?
Thaigirl19: Cool ok
Thaigirl19: Hm no
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: then what you do?
Thaigirl19: You visit here some?
BrownHung: Yup in 2015
BrownHung: Bangkok and Pattaya
Thaigirl19: Cool ok you like
Thaigirl19: I live in pattaya too
BrownHung: yup
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: what you do?
Thaigirl19: Work in agogo
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: Do you like it?
Thaigirl19: Where you from?
BrownHung: Thai girls are amazing
Thaigirl19: Yes I like
BrownHung: I am from USA
BrownHung: Do you just dance or sex as well?
Thaigirl19: Yes both
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: How old you?
BrownHung: I am 33
Thaigirl19: Ok
BrownHung: what about you?
Thaigirl19: 20 soon 😊
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: for how long you are a gogo?
Thaigirl19: 2 year
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you like going with American men?
Thaigirl19: Yes 😊
Thaigirl19: I have boyfriend Germany
BrownHung: nice ok
BrownHung: he doesn’t mid you fucking other guys?
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you guys live together?
Thaigirl19: Yes in apartment here. But he go home a while sometimes too
Thaigirl19: And then stay here with me
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you like being a gogo or its a burden?
Thaigirl19: I like it
BrownHung: what you like the most?
Thaigirl19: Don’t know I like dancing
Thaigirl19: And nice friends there
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you get sex everyday?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: how much you charge?
Thaigirl19: Me and the friends here
Thaigirl19: 1500 baht
BrownHung: nice you all look cute
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: that for sex?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok so how many clients you get per day on average?
Thaigirl19: 2-3 usually
BrownHung: and your family don’t mind you working as a gogo?
Thaigirl19: Just mom know she thinks it’s fine
Thaigirl19: I make money
BrownHung: ok yeah
Thaigirl19: And have find boyfriend too
BrownHung: good
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: and do you always have sex with condoms with clients?
Thaigirl19: No not always
BrownHung: do they pay extra then?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: how much more?
Thaigirl19: 1000
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: so for how long do you think you will do this?
Thaigirl19: I don’t know
BrownHung: do you act in sex movies also?
BrownHung: I have seen some thai sex movies
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you allow clients to take nude pics of you?
Thaigirl19: Yes sometimes
BrownHung: do all the girls working in sex industry in pattaya 18 above or I can get minors also if I want?
Thaigirl19: Not so many I think
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you study also?
Thaigirl19: Just some 16 or maybe 15 I have meet not many
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you book yourself for more than one day to your clients?
Thaigirl19: Yes sometimes they want to take me out a few days
BrownHung: yeah where usually?
BrownHung: and how much you charge for that?
Thaigirl19: To nice place by beach or something stay in hotel
Thaigirl19: 3000 for day
BrownHung: not bad
BrownHung: do you do group sex parties also?
Thaigirl19: Not much I have been with some few times
Thaigirl19: Indian men wanted me come to party with them in hotel room
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you go then?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: so is it like gangbang or they fuck you one by one?
Thaigirl19: Take turns
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you mostly get old men?
Thaigirl19: Yes most
BrownHung: whats the oldest you have been with?
Thaigirl19: Like about 60 hehe
BrownHung: haha do they even get a bonner?
Thaigirl19: Yes very hehe
BrownHung: Thailand has so many prostitutes is it very well accepted in the society?
BrownHung: Does families allow their girls to do this?
Thaigirl19: Yes it’s ok most
BrownHung: So many of these girls get married later and have kids and all?
Thaigirl19: Yes 😊
BrownHung: Do you keep a count of men you have been with?
Thaigirl19: Meet man there at work that like them hehe
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: So many end up marrying older guys?
Thaigirl19: Yes
Thaigirl19: It’s ok
BrownHung: you are very pretty
Thaigirl19: Have money enough for them 😊
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: I would love to please you someday
BrownHung: is 1500 standard rate or some girls charge more?
Thaigirl19: Usually in agogo yes
Thaigirl19: Some a bit more sometimes
BrownHung: do you want to marry your boyfriend in future?
Thaigirl19: Think so
BrownHung: very pretty nice cleavage
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: I am hard right now
Thaigirl19: Hehe ok
BrownHung: whats the oldest age of girls there in this work
Thaigirl19: 30-35
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you massage also?
Thaigirl19: No
Thaigirl19: Just in agogo dance
BrownHung: what is the weirdest demand you have ever received from a client?
Thaigirl19: Hm not any I think
BrownHung: like they cum on your face?
Thaigirl19: Just go with all the indian guys I was little shy
Thaigirl19: Yes few times
BrownHung: and they cum inside you?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: do you take pills regularly?
Thaigirl19: Yes I have take them now
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do you ever get peed on?
Thaigirl19: I didn’t have before
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: do you do anal sex also?
Thaigirl19: No don’t like
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: If you find a better guy than your bf will you leave him?
Thaigirl19: Hm no don’t know
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: what if you get a rich old guy
Thaigirl19: He is enough rich for me hehe
BrownHung: nice
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: whats the longest you got fucked?
Thaigirl19: Hm couple hours
BrownHung: jut by one guy?
Thaigirl19: No was with the many take turns
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: how many?
Thaigirl19: 4
BrownHung: k
BrownHung: who is the kid in the pic?
Thaigirl19: It’s mine 😊 girl
BrownHung: aww nice
BrownHung: how old is she?
Thaigirl19: Just over 1
BrownHung: hmm is she with your bf?
Thaigirl19: I don’t think so not sure
BrownHung: not sure who is the father?
Thaigirl19: No 😊
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: I think from work I get her
Thaigirl19: Didn’t use pills before that time
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: does your family know about her>
BrownHung: ?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: I like your pictures
Thaigirl19: Thanks 😊
BrownHung: was thinking to see some sexy ones
BrownHung: do you have a sexy pic of yours?
BrownHung: nice
BrownHung: you have big boobs
Thaigirl19: Yes hehe thanks
BrownHung: does you clients only fuck you or they spend time in foreplay as well
Thaigirl19: Both
Thaigirl19: Mostly just fuck me
BrownHung: hmm I would love to just lick your boobs for a while 🙂
Thaigirl19: Hehe ok
BrownHung: Yeah definitely
BrownHung: what is the quickest someone finished?
Thaigirl19: Oh quick just a couple pushes after he get in
BrownHung: do you give them another chance or just one
Thaigirl19: Give another yes sure
BrownHung: does this 1500 goes to you or you have to pay to your office or pimp?
* Thaigirl19 has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
Thaigirl19: Hi again
BrownHung: hi
BrownHung: I asked does this 1500 goes to you or you also have to pay to your office or pimp?
Thaigirl19: It’s to me
BrownHung: ok
Thaigirl19: They have to pay 700 extra to agogo bar
Thaigirl19: To take the prostitutes with them out or use room upstairs
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: many Thai girls work as prostitutes what does men do?
Thaigirl19: Different things all work
Thaigirl19: Drive car taxi hotel and stuff
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: Was prostitute there for a long time or it has become more recently?
Thaigirl19: Long yes
BrownHung: how come
Thaigirl19: I don’t know
Thaigirl19: Tourists want to have sex with the girls and the girls need money want to work 😊
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: do girls know from young age that they may have to work as prostitutes?
BrownHung: when did you have sex for the first time?
Thaigirl19: Hm no
Thaigirl19: I don’t do young I was 16
BrownHung: when did you decide to prostitute?
Thaigirl19: I decided after that I think. Wanted work and I go with a friend she showed me agogo I start when I’m 17
BrownHung: did you go to school?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: but not college?
Thaigirl19: No
Thaigirl19: Finished when I get 18
BrownHung: so you started prostituting at 17 is there not legal age in Thailand?
Thaigirl19: Just work then
Thaigirl19: I don’t know 15 or 16
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: most of the places its 18
Thaigirl19: Ok
BrownHung: do you like the dancing part more or sex?
Thaigirl19: I like both hehe
BrownHung: but i guess sex pays you more?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: you have seen all kinds of cocks. Any preferences?
Thaigirl19: Like all but not too big can hurt then
Thaigirl19: It’s tight there
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: did anyone cum inside your mouth?
Thaigirl19: Yes many
BrownHung: do you swallow cum?
Thaigirl19: Hm a little yes
BrownHung: do you charge extra do guys you want to cum in your mouth?
Thaigirl19: No
BrownHung: ok you are a good girl
BrownHung: you like giving blow jobs?
Thaigirl19: Yes I like it 😊
BrownHung: do you always give blowjobs when you fuck?
Thaigirl19: Yes if they want
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: whats the maximum no of times you got fucked in one day?
Thaigirl19: Oh hm about 11 I think
BrownHung: wow thats a lot
BrownHung: your pussy must be swollen
Thaigirl19: Yes little tired 😊
Thaigirl19: And many want to cum in my pussy
BrownHung: but during those days do you feel happy that you got so many cilents?
BrownHung: I am sure they want to
Thaigirl19: Yes very happy then
Thaigirl19: When I start I don’t have pills
Thaigirl19: And many customers each day then too
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: so for you sex is just a work or do you enjoy it as well
Thaigirl19: Yes I think it’s fun and good I enjoy
Thaigirl19: 😊
BrownHung: do you help other new girls to join prostitution?
Thaigirl19: I got my daughters in me not so long after I started I think. Not sure when and many customers so don’t know where she come from
Thaigirl19: No haven’t any
BrownHung: is anyone else in your family a postitute?
Thaigirl19: No just me
BrownHung: do you have any sister that you want to join?
Thaigirl19: Yes maybe my sister can be. Join me work later
BrownHung: how old is she?
Thaigirl19: 14
BrownHung: ok she is young then
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: your first sex was with your bf?
Thaigirl19: Yes
BrownHung: ok
BrownHung: it was nice chatting with you. Got to go now
BrownHung: bye take care
Thaigirl19: Ok
Thaigirl19: See you then
Thaigirl19: Bye
BrownHung: bye


Chat on an incest channel! [18+]

IRC Network: Undernet; Channel: dad&daughtersex

BrownHung is me

BrownHung: hii
BrownHung: so you like gang bangs?
GangbangSlut: yes i do
BrownHung: with how many?
GangbangSlut: i stopped counting. a few every year
BrownHung: what I meant with how many guys?
BrownHung: usually?
GangbangSlut: 4-9
BrownHung: wow 9 is some number
BrownHung: do you enjoy DPs?
GangbangSlut: yes i do
BrownHung: where are you from?
GangbangSlut: NJ
BrownHung: ok I am from MO
BrownHung: Are you into incest as well?
GangbangSlut: yes
BrownHung: dad, bother .. ?
GangbangSlut: dad
BrownHung: For many years now?
GangbangSlut: 4
BrownHung: At what age did you start with him? Was it forced or you agreed to it?
* GangbangSlut agreed
BrownHung: ok how old are you now?
GangbangSlut: 21
BrownHung: What made you to get involved with you dad?
GangbangSlut: he and mom divorced. mom was super strict but when i visited dad he’d let me drink and swear and id tell him about all the stuff i was hiding from mom.
GangbangSlut: sometimes we’d get stoned and rub and stroke
BrownHung: ok
GangbangSlut: then one day we were really stoned and his gf was there. she and i made out a bit. then he went down on her.
BrownHung: So you saw them fucking?
GangbangSlut: yup
BrownHung: Did that motivated you to fuck your dad?
GangbangSlut: then he went down on me
BrownHung: ok
GangbangSlut: i came so hard… it was like a dream
BrownHung: Does it ever affected you psychologically that you are fucking your dad or was it always fun for you?
GangbangSlut: always fun
BrownHung: good for you
BrownHung: do you fancy anyone else in your family as well?
BrownHung: How do you like your gang bangs to be carried out?
GangbangSlut: i like them at swinger parties where eveyone there knows why they are there
BrownHung: so are there many swinger parties in NJ?
BrownHung: do you find young men? or mostly oldies?
GangbangSlut: both
BrownHung: I am also thinking to join one. I have spotted a place in St. Louis that do a swinger get together every fourth saturday of the month.
BrownHung: But its usually difficult for single men to join such parties either they are not allowed or expensive.
BrownHung: What type of cock is best for you?
GangbangSlut: thick but short
BrownHung: aha
BrownHung: hows your dad’s?
GangbangSlut: 7″
BrownHung: how often do you guys fuck?
BrownHung: Are you into oral sex as well?
GangbangSlut: yes
BrownHung: pee and golden shower?
GangbangSlut: (gtg… hope to continue next time i see ya! ❤ <3)
BrownHung: sure