Struggle for Hindu Existence! Hilarious :D

Reading about the recent controversy going on in India about a hate statement given by the RSS top leader Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, against the service of renowned and Nobel Prize winner for Peace Mother Teresa, I bumped into this website This post is not about what Bhagwat-Teresa controversy was but it’s about how ridiculous I found this website is.

What I figured out while reading a few articles on this website is that it is like a news bulletin which talks about how threatened the future of Hinduism or Hindus are in India. Most of the articles are either anti Islamic or anti Christianity. Anti Islamic because they either report a Muslim involved in some kind of vandalism (as the whole world think Muslims have only one thing to do) or they are planning to do something vicious against Hindus. Anti Christianity because they think all the Christians have a sole agenda of their life to convert more people into Christianity. It does not matter whether a Christian person or a Christian organization is charity related or education related (which as a matter of fact, many of the best education hubs and charities in India are run by Christian churches and missionaries) they only provide service so that they can convert more people to Christianity.

I got intrigued to find out how the population of India is divided among various religions. Referring to the Census of India Website I found a PDF document which reveals that Hindus are in majority with 80.5% of the total population, followed by Muslims and Christians with 13.4% and 2.3% respectively.¬† I got really puzzled that how come Hindus who are in majority with much more than 50% margin are struggling for their existence. Then I realized that probably it’s not the struggle for survival, but its the struggle to gain more and more power by few top leaders of the Hindu extremist organizations. As nowadays the best way to make people support your agenda is to tickle their religious sentiments.

The main agenda of these organizations is to make India a nation only for Hindus and bring back the original Hinduism. I doubt that anyone actually knows what original Hinduism was because this religion follows many books and uncountable number of Gods. In my opinion bringing back original or former Hinduism is not a good idea for India because it will also bring back the setbacks associated with the staunch Hinduism such as caste system and practice of Sati. India is a becoming a future superpower not because it is standing on its religious extremism, but because it is still the largest democracy where people have shaken off and continuously getting rid of discriminations based on caste, sex and religion. People in India are still free to have an opinion without being threatened by the extremist organizations. But giving in to the powers of such organization in the hope of bringing back the old culture will only bring more adversaries than good. Culture is what people build, and it should be to help the humanity to unite one another, to love one another and to grow for the common good. Aggravating and dividing people on the basis of religion as only destroyed nations throughout the history.