I enjoy chatting on IRC more than, for example chatting in one of the Yahoo chat rooms, it has many more channels for various interests and I personally find fewer fake or bot accounts. In those plethora of chat channels there are many dedicated to sex chats and to my surprise there are quite a few channels for chats related to Incest behavior.

So I decided to do an experiment and chat with people in those channels for a few weeks. So I joined channels like #incest #familysex #dadanddaughtersex in DalNet and UnderNet networks. I personally believe in straight post marital sex, but I was really surprised to talk to people who are not only into promiscuous behavior outside but also within their families. And to add to my surprise most of the people in the #incest channel were from Pakistan. A country so conservative, with a religion so strict, has such a culture going on. Although thinking about it from another angle Islam does allow marriages between cousins, so they are into incest of some definition, but sex between father and daughter or between immediate siblings is just too much for me. If you do not trust my words then connect to DalNet and join #incest channel and you will find 90% of the people are from Pakistan.

I also talked to a young married woman, according to her she had slept with her dad, granddad, two of her nephews apart from her husband. There were many people in those channels who were just there for role playing and that they are not incest in real life. But to me even thinking about having sex with one of my family members is so awkward and sinful.

I asked one of the girls I was chatting to, is that allowed in a country like Pakistan and the answer was yes, probably not openly, but people are involved in such things. Again to me its a double standard of the Muslim community, at one side, they project themselves to be so holy and God fearing and on the other hand they are also involved in such things. I understand that we all are humans and are equally likely to fall into temptations and sins, but it’s also important for us to accept it and repent from it. Or atleast don’t point the fingers on others when there is so much shit going on in ourselves.


Muslims what is wrong with you guys?

Now a days it’s common to be angry with the Muslim community due to all the wars and destruction going on in the world. I am not particularly Islamophobic as I have many good Muslim friends. However, I do have some concerns about them, which bothers me.

All my Muslim friends are against US or Israel and all the other countries which are trying to either steal their oil or land. My whole Facebook feed is usually filled with my Muslim friends showing either their anger against such countries or in solidatory with the victim countries. Many a times I also supported them where I can see that things are going wrong with them. But what I have recently observed that none of my Muslim friends say anything when a Muslim terrorist organization carries out a hideous crime. For example, all of my Muslim friends verbally say that they do not support what ISIS is doing, but I have not seen even a single post by them publicly condemning ISIS.

When I think about this behavior, then I think of an obvious question, when they are so active in condemning the countries which are supposedly suppressing them, then why don’t they stand against their own organizations which they themselves say is wrong? It can only mean that either they do not think that what organizations like ISIS or other such organizations are doing is wrong or they secretly support them as a mission towards fulfilling their religious agendas.

I was really surprised during the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks that all my Muslim friends were talking about that one Muslim security guard who died in the attack and none of them were bothered about the rest of the people. None of them even bother to condemn the terrorist group which carried out that massacre.

The reason the world is getting passive towards Muslims is that they do not show even slightly that they are not in support of the various theorists organizations running on the name of their religion. I am waiting for the day when any of my Muslim friends actually condemns these attacks openly.